Crop Circles are geometric forms that strangely appear in the fields all over the world. The culture is not cut, but often laid flat and regularly twirled into gorgeous floor scheme. Most models appear in cereal cultures such as wheat and barley, but it is known that circles (in smaller numbers) can occur in oil seed rape, corn, linseed, and grass. In Europe, many circles appear in soybeans, as it grown widely into that part of the planet.

Crop circles usually appear for the period of the crop growing time of year. In the UK, crop circles usually appear in April or May. However, they are not actually found just in the UK, but they occur everywhere in the world,  in all countries where there are large fields of grain or flat meadows with lovely green grass.

The Crop circles seem to want to appear in places where there were ancient settlements and monuments. They can be found near old megalith stones, strange rocks, and to various historical excavations.

They usually appear during the night, in a very short time in the darkest hours, and then appear with the first morning rays in perfect shape without any mistakes.

The size of these perfect shapes can vary from a few centimeters to several meters in diameter. One of the largest forms has appeared in England, with several hundred meters in diameter!

There are many theories about who makes these wonderful forms. Some say they are aliens, others are people who want to have fun and make money. However, the messages sent by these forms are really incredible. They can observe various portraits of extraterrestrial races, a sketch of DNA, fragments, and even various formulas and models of molecules and chemical compounds.

This video has been recorded in one such field, and about the message sent by this crop circle, judge by yourself!

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