Can A Huge One Million Year Old, Man Made Underground Complex Rewrite History?

Nearly all of the scholars defend the notion that human civilization particularly existed for 12,000 years on our planet. Yet, there are remarkable numbers of findings which suggest that we, the people, have a rather different past. Many discoveries, such as artifacts, structures and temples, are evidently proving that civilizations inhabited Earth earlier than what we are taught.

Lately, the researchers are taking a wider approach in exploring the history of human culture and sophistication. The geologist and also director of the Natural Science Research Center at Moscow’s International Independent University of Ecology and Politology, Dr. Alexander Koltypin, is absolutely one of those researchers.

Dr. Koltypin has a long history of experienced and professional work filled with studies about diverse ancient underground structures, primarily in the Mediterranean. He thinks that many sites were connected because of the details he found similarities between them. He discovered the most important revelation by enduring these structures with their material configuration and extreme geological characteristics. He found out that these gigantic structures were constructed by people million years ago, people who were actually much more advanced than we think.

Dr. Koltypin declared that while they were analyzing these structures, they didn’t doubt, not even for an instant, that they are much older than the ruins of the Canaanite, Philistine, Hebraic, Roman, Byzantine and other cities around.

The whole time Dr. Koltypin was out on a journey to the Mediterranean, he wrote down the aspects he saw in several ancient sites. He made a comparison after his journey and he revealed astonishing analogy among them. He proved that there is another incredible story about human civilization, a story that was not told by dominant scholars.

Dr. Koltypin was traveling and comparing plenty of places. Once, he had a déjà vu feeling when he was traveling near the Hurvat Burgin ruins in Adullam Grove Nature Reserve in Israel. Closing his eyes, he had the exact same feeling as he was on the top of the rock city Cavusin in Turkey. Koltypin was assured that all these impressions, manufactured structures and a dispersed litter of megaliths were one underground – terrestrial megalithic complex.

Dr. Koltypin states that some segments of the enormous complex came above ground due to geological fluctuation throughout the history of Planet Earth. He mentions the rocky towns of Cappadocia in modern Turkey as an example.

Dr. Alexander Koltypin says: “On the basis of this, we can conclude that the underground cities of Cappadocia (including Tatlarin rock city) intended for the accommodation of the ordinary population and the rock city of Cavusin (or its part) was the residence of the kings of the underground. Though almost nothing is known about subterranean, nevertheless we can assume that the people who built the underground cities (if they even were men) were sun-worshipers professed the religion of sun gods (harmony and life by the Divine principles – nature laws). After many thousands or millions of years, this religion had become a basis of the Christian religion.” (Source)

On his website, Dr. Koltypin wrote that such massive erosion in central and Northern Israel and central Turkey can’t be generated in less than 500,000 to 1 million years.


About this complex, Dr. Koltypin implies that specific segments came to the top as an aftereffect of the mountain establishment courses. In order with his valuations, the building components found in Antalya, Turkey, are over 1 million years old, unlike the mainstream, scholars have said.

As the Earth’s layer is shifting in the centuries, parts of the underground complex dropped quick into the sea, explains Dr. Koltypin. He adds that his studies about underground structures in Israel and Turkey reveal sediments of lithified and calcareous workable earth material cultivated on their floor.

Dr. Koltypin suggests that the evidence he found and by the evidence he means the similarities, implicates ancient sites were connected as one enormous complex in the past.

Dr. Koltypin also says that the megalithic structures, which are present on every angle of the world, exceed the technological ability to perform of ancient civilizations, described by the mainstream intellectuals.

Talking about the technological capabilities of the ancient civilizations, Dr. Koltypin explains that the stones click without a flaw even without cement, and the arches, gates, ceilings and other elements are very advanced for men with shaping tools only.

The Phrygian Valley located in central Turkey has broadened enigmatic designating, for which Dr. Koltypin considers are made by intelligent civilization between 12 and 14 million years ago.

He only assumes that ancient machines used for transport with wheels were driven into the smooth ground and because of their weight, they left behind deep channels which in the course of time-hardened and right now are pure evidence.

Geologists are common with this miracle because they already have found something very similar to it – the petrified footprints of dinosaurs conserved in the same manner.

Dr. Koltypin, along with three other colleagues, also crossed to the site in Anatolia, Turkey, to find the same markings. He defined these markings as “petrified tracking ruts in rocky tuffaceous deposits”.


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