Preserved child found in glass coffin under San Francisco home ID’d

The story of a small glass, cast-iron casket began in the 1870’s at San Francisco’s Odd Fellows Cemetery. About 140 years later – last May – the story came back. A construction crew at a home on Rossi Street near the University of San Francisco found the sealed casket. Inside they found a little girl…

Strange Lights In The Sky Over Mexico!

Mysterious lights have been filmed in the skies all over Mexico. A powerful Earthquake just hit Mexico. It seems the weird phenomenon started during the earthquake. Alien attack, weather warfare, solar flare or earthquake lights? What’s wrong with Earth right now? Source

Strange Dog-Monkey-Hybrid Captured On Gopro

A Hungarian friend of mine sent this video to me, she said it happened in northwest Hungary. As i was reading the comments, many people wrote it was a monkey, and obviously there is always a group of deniers… The guy who uploaded it said he first thought it was a dog, only watching the…

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Cover Up? This will Upset You!

Cut through strong bedrock more than 75ft down – the Egyptian government has picked truly conceal this site…and with what and in what manner will absolutely agitated you. Exactly how could the dynastic Egyptians potentially have done this stunning structure? Source


How often do legends prove to be real? Well, not often enough, but this time, using the latest technology available, archaeologists might have uncovered a 16th century legendary hellhound. Known by the name of Black Shuck – a name believed to derive from an old English word for black “demon”, the 7-foot tall dog appeared as…

What Powered the Vimana, the 6,000-year-old Flying Machines of Ancient India?

According to Ancient Indian history –one of the most extensive on the planet– their ancient sacred texts called the ‘Vedas’ speak of incredible flying ships that visited our planet over 6000 years ago. The Ancient Vimana’s power source has turned out to be not only accessible to the entire world, but easy to harness as…

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