Science has proven that “hominids” have lived on this planet for a very long time. It has also proven that Homo Sapiens Sapiens have not.

Our ancestors arrived here as interstellar prisoners approximately fifty thousand years ago. The optimal conditions for our exile were:

  • no memory of former lives
  • no tools or technology
  • a planet hospitable to our life form far from intergalactic civilization
  • no direct contact or interference in development
  • periodic monitoring and assessment

Based on certain facts, there have been theories stipulated, in various timelines, which support the concept that our entire planet was created as a sort of prison.

According to one theory, it is a prison for the observation of our species. For another theory, Earth is a spiritual prison.

Let’s keep an open mind about this, as it is only natural that when a theory is brought forth, supporting something different than what was taught in school, most people dismiss it without even considering the evidence.

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