Erich Von Daniken concludes: Aliens Will RETURN to Planet Earth in 20 years

The author of one of the most popular books on the planet —Chariot of the Gods— indicates Aliens will return to Earth in the near future –20 years— since we are part of their DNA. The evidence of their return is present all around us, scattered across the globe in ancient texts, monuments, and civilizations….

Shoppers Ran For Their Lives When A Massive Ghost Appeared Above Them

Anyone who’s ever watched the Harry Potter magical franchise can easily get lost in the world of sorcerers, witches, wizards and what not. But witnessing one such event would scare even the hardcore fans… Seeing a Dementor-like creature on the sky would cause most of us to crap our pants These creatures enjoy draining peace,…

Unblocking the Third Eye: What Illuminati does not want you to know

There is a power within you that can change the way you see the world. It is your sixth sense, your third eye. The third eye is not really a part of the physical body. It is part of the second body which is an etheric body ( the subtle body or the Sukshma Sharir)….

Obama’s Last Comment For UFOs And Aliens Just Before Leaving His Office

That wasn’t only a dramatic pause; his mind seized up about one thing, you possibly can see it in his eyes.. even his face looked like it instantly lost all expression. He is aware of one thing.. I additionally seen that neither one of them denied something, they just said that he would not be…

Body of a Anunnaki King, 12,000 years old and .. Completely intact?

This discovery was made completely by chance in 2008, and if we know what happened is certainly thanks to the Russian media, and to the television press. It happened in Kurdistan, Iran, a country quite closed to the world, at least in the western world, but with good relations with Russia.(Body of a Anunnaki King)…

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