Scientists are shocked! Skulls of the Paracas desert are not human, they have been confirmed by DNA tests

Since its discovery in 1928 Paracas skulls fascinated and terrified researcher. Its dimensions and extremely elongated shape resembling alien than human. Furthermore, the mystery deepened recent DNA tests have confirmed that 3000 years old Paracas skull could belong to man, but also a different kind.


On the southern coast of Peru is Paracasská coastal desert. In this barren landscape Peruvian archaeologist Julio Tello in 1928 he discovered one of the most interesting discoveries of history – has uncovered grave with the remains of creatures. Their skulls had extremely elongated shape. Tello found a total of three hundred skulls and it is evident that the old 3000 years.

The shape of the skull was itself a mystery, recent DNA analysis has brought fascinating results that undermine our current knowledge about the origin and evolution of man. For lovers of alternative theories, it is clear that one of the other evidence of extraterrestrial visitations in ancient times in connection with the Nazca might be true.


Paracas skulls are just the result of artificial deformation of the skull, which was sporadic ritual practice in earlier times normal. Carried by the head of the newborn bound between two pieces of wood, they have developed to the skull constant pressure, thus changing its shape. Paracas skulls are very different. Its skull is about 25% larger and 60% heavier than a normal human skull. These parameters can not be achieved simply by tying header newborns.

Individuals are thus biologically different from those which are typically human. „I’m not sure if it would fit into the known evolutionary tree,“ said Brian Foester literally.

Reconstruction paracaského „MAN“ mainstream media reported with reference to the scientist, let’s not take it seriously. O’Brien Foerster was classified as doubtful pseudovědec, which according to them, the waist just sensationalism. He reproached him that the studies published in scientific journals are critical, so it cleared the review process.
„Science is not done on social networks,“ said well-known skeptical of Sharon Hill. „The inspection process is an important part of science and supporters paracaských skull committed shortcuts that undermine their credibility. Instead, the data published to critical examination, trying to draw attention to cultural practices that are perceived as bizarre distortion of the skull.“ said the scientist.



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