Watch: Passenger Records Crystal Clear Footage Of UFO From Airplane

Incredible footage is going viral showing a UFO hovering above the clouds—all captured from the window of an airplane by a stunned passenger.

The sighting begins with a typical view of Earth from high in the sky, and then suddenly it appears: a silver, diamond-shaped UFO gliding slowly away into the horizon.

With over 1.5 million views, the footage has sparked the imaginations of countless people.

One commenter writes, “I’ve witnessed an UFO from my airplane window seat before so I DO BELIEVE IT…..Trust me IT’S REAL.”

Another described how his wife, a flight attendant that always doubted his belief in UFOs, came home from work one day “very quiet.” When he asked her what was wrong, she said she “was inside the cockpit talking to the pilot when out of nowhere this object appeared next to the aircraft, flying at the same speed.”

Although the incident cannot be fully confirmed, the Daily Star originally reported on the story. However, the link to the story is no longer active and the page only displays this:

You Can Watch the Full UFO Video Here:


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